5 Eco-Friendly Features of the Toyota Avalon Hybrid

December 21st, 2016 by

From the automaker who brought the world the first hybrid car concept, Toyota has gone on to offer a full range of hybrid vehicles, including the Avalon Hybrid. The new hybrid sedan offers plenty of luxurious features that make it a great deal for the money, but it’s eco-friendly amenities make it a standout in its class.

Outstanding Fuel Economy
The 2016 Avalon Hybrid returns an estimated 40 mpg combined, which breaks down to 40 mpg in the city and 39 on the highway. That’s exceptional for a large sedan. To put that figure in perspective, the 2016 Avalon non-hybrid gets 21 mpg in the city and 31 on the highway. Over the course of five years, you’ll save an average of $2,250 at the pump driving the Avalon Hybrid, which is nothing to sneeze at.

Efficient Performance
The Toyota Avalon Hybrid may be great on fuel economy, but what about performance? Thankfully, this model offers you plenty of both thanks to its innovative 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine paired with an electric motor and a continuously variable transmission. You’ll enjoy 200 healthy horsepower that help the large sedan go from zero to 60 in 7.7 seconds. That’s just a second slower than the non-hybrid V6-powered Avalon, which is quite impressive.

Redesigned Exterior
The Avalon has been redesigned from the inside out, boasting a reimagined exterior that’s more aerodynamic and quieter than ever. With a redesigned grille, sculpted lines, and available LED headlights, the Avalon Hybrid features many eco-friendly considerations. While each exterior feature has been selected to reduce the vehicle’s overall carbon footprint and reduce wind noise, it doesn’t skimp on style. You’ll enjoy features like a dual chrome-tipped exhaust, alloy wheels, and standard smoked LED lights for a powerful look.

Power Rear Sunshade
Available on the Avalon Hybrid Limited trim, the power rear sunshade is designed to keep rear-seat passengers comfortable and cool during the heat of the day. This simple addition can help you use your car’s air conditioning less, making your fuel go even further. If comfort is on your list of priorities, you’ll also be happy to know that the Avalon Hybrid is available with heated and ventilated front seats to keep everyone happy during the longest drives.

Multiple Drive Modes
The Avalon Hybrid offers the choice of Sport, ECO, and EV driving modes thanks to Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive technology. Switching the car to Sport mode gives you improved throttle response and livelier electric power steering for quicker handling, but keep in mind that sportier modes can affect gas mileage slightly. Opting for ECO mode will give you the best fuel economy because the car manages its own air conditioning system for maximum fuel efficiency. EV mode is entirely dependent on the car’s electric motor, and the Avalon Hybrid can run on EV mode at low speeds for short distances, which is useful in situations where you’d like to reduce noise such as in residential areas.

Experience how much you can save with the Toyota Avalon Hybrid. Come in and test drive one today.

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