5 Features of the Land Cruiser That Will Leave Luxury Car Lovers Drooling

June 8th, 2017 by

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a timeless icon that demonstrates the innovation of Japan’s leading automaker. Since it hit American showrooms in 1957, the Land Cruiser has been one of Toyota’s mainstays, going from pure off-roading prowess to the luxury SUV you see today. In its 60th anniversary, the Land Cruiser has a surprising number of brilliant, opulent features that make it every bit as awesome as established luxury brands. If you’re a fan of luxury cars or you just love a bevy of top-notch features, the 2017 Land Cruiser is the vehicle you’ve waited for.

1. Driver’s Amenities
Every aspect of the Land Cruiser’s interior is specifically designed to provide the utmost comfort no matter where you’re headed. With your hands on the wheel, you can enjoy controls for Bluetooth, the audio system, multi-information display, and cruise control. Plus, you get this access while the heated steering wheel warms your hands.

2. Comfortable Seating
The mammoth size of the Land Cruiser allows it to have a third-row backseat, which results in seating for up to eight people. Each of your passengers will love the headroom and leg room afforded to them by the size, and the leather-appointed seats make for a comfortable drive. Second-row passengers may feel even more privileged, as they get access to multistage heated seats. However, the passenger and driver get the full gamut of comfort with heated and ventilated seats that keep you cool or warm no matter what it’s like outside.

3. Four-Zone Automatic Climate Control
Once again, the driver, passenger, and second-row occupants get the best features, thanks to a four-zone automatic climate control that keeps you comfortable. However, third-row passengers will still get the perfect temperature thanks to 28 vents located throughout the cabin. To top it off, the Land Cruiser gets a Positive Temperature Coefficient heater, which heats air with a ceramic element as it passes through the vents. There’s no better option than this on oppressively cold days.

4. Rear Seat DVD Entertainment System
The available Rear Seat DVD Entertainment System is the stuff that dreams are made of. It adds not one, but two 11.6-inch screens that allow rear passengers to watch movies or play games. It also includes RCA jacks, an HDMI input, remote, and two wireless headphone sets so that each passenger can control what they watch or play on each individual screen. For the driver with kids or one that frequents tailgating parties or loves taking long road trips, the DVD Entertainment System is a blessing.

5. Multi-Terrain Monitor
If you’re an avid off-roader, the Land Cruiser is your greatest asset. While its 5.7-liter V8 and all-wheel drive system are nice amenities, the multi-terrain monitor is truly a godsend. When activated, this system uses front, side, and rear cameras and sensors to show you the pitch of the terrain, as well as what’s around you. With this monitor, there’s no terrain you can’t handle.

When you think luxury, the Land Cruiser probably wasn’t the first thing that came to mind, but with knowledge of these features, it should change your mind for the better.

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