5 Locations Around Wilson to Take Gorgeous Photographs

March 9th, 2017 by

Are you an amateur or professional photographer looking to take great shots of the local Wilson area, or even just a casual explorer fond of taking nice pictures wherever you go? Make a note of visiting these excellent photo-worthy places around Wilson, and keep an eye out for that perfect shot. Some are interesting places with only one or two main subjects, while others are near-endless sources of inspiration.

Wilson Botanical Gardens
Like taking photos of nature? This collection of themed gardens will provide hundreds of distinctive subjects. From the colorful native plants garden to the carefully designed STEM garden, visitors get a whole new glimpse of the artistic potential behind gardening. The ornamental grasses and daylilies garden is a must-see for anyone focused on macro shots. If you’ve visited the Wilson Botanical Gardens in the past, check out the list again, and you might see something new and worthy of a second trip.

Lighthouse at Kenly 95
This casual restaurant and truck stop has a tall lighthouse with a black and white swirl pattern. The street name, Kenly, is also built into the side of the lighthouse in big, block letters. This location is great for a quick lunch, followed by a few photos of one of Wilson’s most recognizable truck stops.

Whirligig Park
A popular spot to take photos, this plot of land houses a diverse collection of whirligigs with hundreds of moving parts, all spinning from the wind. The whirligigs are painted well and are fun to look at from various angles, so each structure presents many opportunities to get a neat shot. Give this park a visit if you’d like to capture the creative and industrious side of Wilson.

Lake Wilson
No photographer should pass up the chance to take a landscape shot across the small but beautiful Lake Wilson. Take a jog down the walking trails, and you might spot some local flowers in bloom or a great angle to capture the toughness and charm of an old tree. The lake isn’t particularly large and the water levels fluctuate, so this location is bound to look different on repeat visits. You could even go kayaking and get an active shot of wildlife such as egrets or turtles. Because Wilson is a fairly developed city, nature shots are always appreciated.

Downtown Wilson Historic Walking Tour
If charming architecture is more your style, visit the Wilson Visitors Center to get a walking tour of the downtown area’s historic buildings. The tour visits Hotel Cherry, the Wilson County Courthouse, and homes going all the way back to the 1700s. A photo of every location makes for an intriguing album, showing how so many architectural periods can coexist in Wilson. You’ll definitely leave with a new appreciation for the area’s architectural variety.

Casual, amateur and even professional photographers can find inspiration all over Wilson, especially at these five popular locations. Try them out, because you never know what you might see that other’s haven’t!

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