Check Out These 4 Famous People Who Live in Raleigh

May 3rd, 2018 by

A celebrity sighting is always an exciting experience, especially if you spot someone that you’ve always loved. In Raleigh, North Carolina, you might see a few famous people walking the streets. Several celebrities also claim Raleigh as their hometowns.

Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts is a famous newscaster who has traveled across the globe to keep the public informed. He documented the mission of troops from Fort Bragg into Operation Desert Storm and keeps his fans laughing as he takes part in the annual Christmas Parade. He has also traveled to Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, and Albania. Today, Roberts is the traffic reporter/anchor on WRAL, the top local TV station. In his morning report, he combines lighthearted humor, helpful traffic information, and unique catchphrases to become a memorable part of the news team.

Roberts lives near Raleigh with his family and currently works as the host of Brain Game, a high school quiz show, on Saturday mornings. You might see him at a local grocery store or telling humorous jokes as he co-hosts the annual holiday parade in Raleigh.

Peyton Reed
Although you may not recognize the name, chances are you’ve probably seen at least one movie with Peyton Reed listed on the credits. He is a famous producer who attended UNC-Chapel Hill. Following his educational experience in the Raleigh area, he went on to pursue a career in film, directing and producing. Reed has had a successful career so far, with producing credits on Marvel’s “Ant-Man,” and directing “The Break-Up” and “Yes Man.”

Evan Rachel Wood
Evan Rachel Wood is a big name in Hollywood, but she was born in Raleigh and her family is well-known in the area. Her mother is an acting coach, director, and actress, and her father is a famous director, playwright, and actor, serving as the executive director of Theatre in the Park. Although Wood currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and has spent the last few years in Los Angeles, California, some of her family does still reside in Raleigh, so she visits on occasion.

Clay Aiken
Clay Aiken moved into the spotlight when he was the runner-up on “American Idol” in 2003. He released a debut album shortly after that season ended, followed by six additional albums that have sold more than 5 million copies. He hails from Raleigh and lived there until 2014 when he sold his mansion. Aiken still comes back to visit and locals report spotting him quite frequently. He has also written several books about his life, beliefs, and experiences in the public eye. Aiken is known for his music and his commitment to a life of service. At age 19, he taught students with special needs, and he has donated his voice and time to multiple benefit concerts and events.

If you’re looking to spot any of these famous Raleigh natives or residents, keep your eyes open when you’re dining out, shopping at the mall, or strolling on the streets. Some of them tend to keep to themselves, but others are actively part of the community.

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