North Carolina’s 3 Most Thrilling Amusement Parks

April 6th, 2017 by

When spring hits and the summer’s just on the horizon, there’s something about an amusement park that’s undeniably alluring. From people-watching to fair food to thrilling rides, it’s an experience you can’t get anywhere else. If you’re planning on visiting or you live in North Carolina, you have a fair share of options to quell your amusement park hunger. Here are just a few you shouldn’t miss when you get the chance.

1. Carowinds
Located just outside of Charlotte, Carowinds is North Carolina’s most popular theme park. The top attractions at Carowinds are the 10 roller coasters, which zoom through corkscrews, fall hundreds of feet, and take you upside down at over 60 mph. Afterburn is perhaps the most famous of them all, featuring a 113-foot descent, inverted construction, and top speeds of 62 mph. Once you’ve had your fill of thrill rides, head over to the water park. Aside from a massive pool and a water works that spills thousands of gallons of water on your head, there are seven water slides including Storm Surge. This 80-foot high slide offers four different tunnels, and the longest covers a hair-raising 495 feet.

2. Wet N’ Wild Emerald Pointe Water Park
With over 3 million gallons of water flowing throughout the park, Wet N’ Wild Emerald Pointe Water Park is the largest water park in the Carolinas. Conveniently located in Greensboro, the park features 36 thrilling rides ranging from intense to more relaxed. For the thrill seeker, the ride of choice here is the Daredevil Drop, which takes you from 76 feet in the air to the pool below in a matter of seconds. If you have a bit of competitiveness in you, head over to the Riptide Racer, which pits four riders against each other in a race to the bottom.

For people who want something unique, yet equally as terrifying, the park’s latest ride should do the trick. In Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror, you’ll start with a 40-foot drop followed by two 360-degree spins. What makes it even more amazing is that you’re in total darkness that’s only illuminated by visual effects as you slide from top to bottom.

3. Tweetsie Railroad
Don’t let the name fool you. Tweetsie Railroad is a children’s amusement park, but it has tons of fun for all ages. Attractions in this Wild-West-themed park include rides, live shows, and a zoo. Weekend performances are always a good time and feature a musical, a magic show, and a Wild West train adventure. If your kids want a quick ride, there are several rides that range from the gut-churning Roundup to the Freefall, which takes you up for a nice view, then quickly plummets you to the ground.

Once you’re done with the rides or you’ve already seen a show, make sure to stop by the Deer Park Zoo, which houses African pygmy goats, emus, llamas, and turtles.

Whether you have kids or you’re going on an adventure with friends, don’t miss out on all the fun this spring and summer at these amazing North Carolina amusement parks.

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